Intro to Speculative Fiction Audio Dramas

Several members of the Fantasy Inn team love audiobooks. They’re convenient to listen to on the go, and the right narrator can elevate a good book to new heights. The only downside for those of us who enjoy listening to our books is that the audio format tends to be expensive.

Fortunately, there’s audio drama! These fictional podcasts are all free to listen to, with the option to support your favorite shows through sites like Patreon.

For similar flowcharts with different focuses, check out these:

Some housekeeping:

  1. This flowchart is by no means comprehensive, nor do we claim that these are “objectively” the best that audio drama has to offer.
  2. The audio dramas listed are limited to speculative fiction, with a few exceptions.
  3. We tried to provide enough variety that seasoned and novice audio drama fans alike can discover new stories to love.
  4. When possible, we tried to highlight indie audio dramas.

The final flowchart has 109 entries, and we could’ve included many more if we had room. Feel strongly about an audio drama we left out? Let us know in a comment!

Here’s the chart:

Audio Drama Flowchart.png

High resolution image here.

If any of these audio dramas strike your fancy, here they are in list form with links to the show websites. Enjoy!


Radio Dramas

  • A Canticle for Leibowitz | Website
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy | Website
  • The War of the Worlds | Website
  • Star Wars | Website
  • Relic Radio: Classic Radio Drama | Website


Actual Play


Famous Characters Reimagined

  • Mount Olympus University | Website
  • Public Domain Universe | Website



Left of Reality

Magical Realism

Political Epic


Tolkien Fantasy

Urban Fantasy

  • Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magickal Services | Website
  • The Magical History of Knox County | Website

Young Adult

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Science Fantasy


Science Fiction

Alien Planet

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Punk



Space Horror

Space Opera


Time Travel


Investigative Reporting

Isolation Mystery

Murder Mystery



Archive Horror

Arctic Isolation


Slow Build Creepy

Southern Gothic

  • Judgement Night Radio Hour | Website
  • The Ghost Radio Project | Website




Comedic Fantasy

Crime Comedy

Monster Comedy

Space Comedy



  • Fall of the House of Sunshine | Website

Radio Broadcast


Weird and Folksy



Horror Anthology

Short Stories


  1. Broken Sea
    Darker Projects
    Chatterbox Audio
    Final Rune Productions
    Icebox Radio
    Harry Strange
    LEAP Audio
    Deck the Halls
    Midnight Radio Theatre
    Campfire Theatre
    Audioblivious Productions
    Decoder Ring Theatre
    Dry Smoke & Whispers
    Hadron Gospel Hour
    Knights of Devonshire
    Rude Alchemy
    It’s About Time Travel Agency
    Ollin Productions
    Crazy Dog Audio
    Colonial Radio Theatre
    Narada Radio (Pulp-Pourri Theatre)
    Squadron Leader Jack Steel
    Epic Audio
    Wireless Radio Theatre
    Voices in the Wind Theatre
    Texas Radio Theatre
    The Chronicles of Oz
    The Table Round

    not to mention my own
    The Sonic Society
    Electric Vicuna Production Podcast

    How are none of these on the list?


  2. Would be awesome if you could add an alien invasion category/body snatchers. Loved The Phenomenon and End of All Hope. Also Immunities.


  3. this post might just be long over due but I have just recently joined the fantasy Inn family and I must say this was quite a fantastic read. I will be sure to make the time and many more post as they are plenty to choose from.


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