cabtwit (1)Hi there.

I’m Hiu, and I may or may not be a sentient cabbage. I’m the to-be author of the self-published sensation Farmer Clint: Cabbage Mage, and I’m also an internet celebrity in my own head. I’m a Stabby award-winning reviewer now too, though I question the taste of the voters.

I like fantasy books, and spend an embarrassingly large portion of my life reading and discussing them. Thanks to this blog, I now spend even more time writing reviews.

I run a monthly bookclub (known as RRAWR… don’t ask) for self-published authors that are resident to the /r/fantasy subreddit, where I spend a lot of my time. This is probably most well-known for the shitty covers that I’ll make for my participants.

Favourite authors include Abercrombie, Hobb, Lynch, and Myself.