AI Mash-ups: The SAM Files (Butcher Vs. Rowe)

The room was essentially a storage chamber for several kinds of monsters. I couldn’t afford to repair the vampire (that was quite lovely), but I had assumed that I’d be dead if I failed.

I walked over to the vampire and said “Melee, dear Corin Cadence” — I really wanted to survive.

It was a vampire after all.

The puppy stirred in my pocket and drew a dagger from inside its coat.

The door to the car frowned at me and shivered before speaking again, and suddenly I understood that logic was a pretty face.

“What are you doing to that automobile salesman?” it said, “I trust that you have something afoot and I failed to recognise infants.”

The trap triggered just as the wyvern hissed and slammed into the car and I didn’t have a problem with that.

The puppy barked at the mirror and I knew that Professor Orden was the vampire.

“Oh no,” I snorted and checked my mana watch against her forehead.

“You are going to be working with my mother,” I whispered. “Thank you.”

Sera breathed with a massive hand on her face, and then handed me a white styrofoam blouse and a shotgun.

“You have to be a better analogy of werewolves,” she said “It’s not impossible to kill someone with a little magic theory.”

The building was a woman and it wasn’t my intention.

I nodded at Thomas, eased away from the wardens that perhaps were going to tell on me, and kicked the demon hard enough to make a contortionist beg for mercy.

“I s’pose you don’t have a cat with a white bathrobe?” I asked Professor Orden, but she wasn’t exactly feeling observant.

I nodded, then explained my plans for independence.

Thomas and Sera were in the mirror. My brother took his sword, and she floated upward unceremoniously: slowly climbing my face.

“You and I should really leave off the creature’s hindquarters,” I said, rubbing my temples.

Dresden was a little surprised to see Murphy standing in the doorway of his jeans but he wasn’t upset.

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