AI Mash-ups: Guards Ascend! (Pratchett Vs. Bancroft)

Senlin looked puzzled.

Tarrou’s face was handsome, though his hand was trying to finish himself.

The dragon was circling the Sphinx, who looked very attractive.

Senlin thought that Marya might be lost, like his dog. He was not a hero of Ankh-Morpork like Carrot was.

It was time to drink again.

Tarrou was still digesting his face with beer.


Beer was a good idea.

Senlin looked at Voleta and Adam as though they had been robbed.

“Why are you kicking people inside these dragons?” Senlin asked.

“We thought Vimes had forbidden Nobby from watching continental drift,” Adam said.

Vimes was a strange swinging spectacle of gold-leaf and green silk scarves.

Senlin could hardly believe it was possible to reverse the spell.

“I must admit he is confident and resolute,” Senlin said.

He looked toward Carrot and stumbled through windows.

“Help me! I am Captain of the Pirate Lad,” Senlin screamed.

Vimes looked at him and belched.

The dragon breathed fire joyfully and was almost grinning in a wide, egg-bearing way. It flew overhead with a fresh sheet of stationery and then climbed the Tower of Babel.

The airships broke from their clothes and feathers and said “how do you do?”

That was something else to distract Senlin from his habitual gnawing at his feet.

The Tower loomed over Ankh-Morpork like a child throwing cabbage at clouds. Marya had long since been torn asunder by her marriage to her sturgeon. The gossiping Sergeant Colon said that he was certain that Goll was a little boy.

Soon, Nobby would probably surrender without argument; though Tarrou seemed to like getting tangled in his sheets.

Tarrou was a strange and hemispherical artifact that Senlin sometimes shortcircuited. Neither Senlin nor Tarrou seemed to relish fighting crime, but the librarian sometimes chased them up the university campus.


The library was something else entirely. Voluntary tributes were still conscious when they woke, though Vime’s helmet seemed to glare intensely at his sandals.

Senlin and Vimes were never quite alone after the funeral of Herbert Gaskin. The Patrician had smiled at Senlin, but it didn’t matter. People could never think of anything specific to be.

The Tower seemed a great work from behind, but it was impossible to recover from.

Eventually, Colon stretched out his tablecloth and began to eat mothballs again.

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