Our Favourite Blogs

Wol’s Tome and Tankard Inn


Book reviews with a twist! Wol matches the books she reviews with the perfect cocktail, lovingly prepared. Cheers!

The Coffee Archives 


Book reviews and beverage pairings. A nice cup of coffee is sorely needed after a session of late-night binge reading.

The Weatherwax Report 


Esme reads a lot, and gives amazing recommendations. Her indie highlights are great for discovering hidden gems, and her contribution to the r/fantasy community earned her no less than 3 Stabby Awards in 2017, including “Best blog”!



Quality content, reviews galore, competitions, giveaways, award ceremonies, and even charity work. Booknest does it all.

The Fantasy Hive 


The collaborative SFF website that has the community abuzz.



Another blogger we love! Kristen’s reviews are always a pleasure to read.

Way Too Fantasy

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WTF (yes…Way Too Fantasy) is our own Lrich’s blog! The (evil?) mastermind behind r/fantasy’s Book Bingo shares her thoughts about books, movies and TV shows.