Flight of the Darkstar Dragon by Benedict Patrick: Chapter Extract + Character Art Reveal

To celebrate the preorder of The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon, the first in a new fantasy adventure series from Yarnsworld author Benedict Patrick, all this week some of the premier websites from the fantasy community are sharing extracts from the novel’s first chapter, as well as revealing some exclusive character art from artist Juliana Wilhelm.


The following is the fifth and final part of the opening chapter – head to the Darkstar Dragon launch page to catch up on the story so far, before reading on…

The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon

Chapter One, Part Five

Day three of solitude

They left.

They all left me.

Looks like I’ll be taking over these notes, for all they’re worth.

The rift the others finally chose was swallowed by the Darkstar today. Nobody had bothered to mark it on the map, they were so excited to be gone. Guess it’s my job to keep the maps updated now, to see if I can figure out when they’ll be back.

If they’ll be back.

I did a few quick sketches of the rift once I’d pulled myself together, although by then it was pretty far gone; hopefully I got enough details to spot them when they return.

Clara didn’t think I’d stay, even though I spent the last week telling her otherwise. When she walked through, walked away, she…

I don’t think I’ll share that, not in this book. Some things are best left to memory, where they can fade, without feeling the loss when the memory disappears or distorts entirely.

If I commit her words, her face, to the page, the only way of getting rid of them will be to tear the writing up, and I don’t think I could bear that.

Stickle doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on, although she knows I’m low about something. Can’t pass my misery on to her. I’ll have to pull myself together.

They were decent enough to leave me some food, at least. I reckon it’ll last for the next forty days or so, although I might take my own life if I’m forced to endure many more of the brown roots we took from the last world we visited.

Got my first task, then: sort out some supplies.

The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon releases tomorrow, 7th October, and is available to preorder NOW.

As a special ‘thank you’ to those first in the queue, Benedict is also offering a brand new, exclusive short story set in his Yarnsworld series to those who preorder Darkstar Dragon – forward your proof of purchase to benedict@benedictpatrick.com to get your hands on Mister Rattlebones today!

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