Gay Future by Connor Wright, Christina Friel, & Ben Lapidus


In the year 2062, everyone is gay. An evil dictator has risen to power and is determined to spread the gay agenda. The world’s only hope lies in the hands of a young boy with a deadly secret: he’s straight. 

Oh, and the framing device is that the story was discovered as an unpublished YA fantasy written by Mike Pence. Yeah.

If the wild concept doesn’t sell you on Gay Future, the production quality might seal the deal. The story is tightly plotted and manages to poke fun at both cliche Young Adult tropes and the “gay panic” way of thinking prevalent today. The sound design is beautifully crafted, featuring a techno intro theme that has a knack for lodging itself in your brain and many clips of original songwriting throughout the six-episode story.

Gay Future is one of the most brilliant works of audio fiction I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. It’s an incredible work of storytelling, satire, and sound design, with an underlying political commentary couched in absolute absurdism. The crazier things get, the more entertaining the Mike Pence framing device becomes.

This might not be a podcast for everyone, but if you’re intrigued by this genre-aware fourth-wall-breaking comedy adventure, you should consider giving it a listen. You’ll be in for a wild ride.

Gay Future is a free comedic adventure audio drama. It’s available through iTunes or wherever you find podcasts. Check out its website for more information or listen to trailer now:

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