The Poison Song by Jen Williams

The Poison Song was an absolutely fantastic conclusion to Jen Williams’ Winnowing Flame Trilogy. I have yet to come up with words to describe just how much I loved this series. In this trilogy, Williams creates some of the most compelling characters I’ve ever read and then uses them to grind your heart into a thousand little pieces.

There are some wonderfully inventive things going on throughout these books. The world of Sarn has a rich, in-depth history and we’re given little glimpses of that through the characters and the things they discover along the way. Additionally, there is some unique flora and fauna, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in any other fantasy novel I’ve read.

The characters feel real. Williams takes characters from different walks of life and puts them together into one big enigmatic family. As is typical of families, they have issues and clash from time to time, but it’s obvious that they all care deeply for each other and would do anything to keep each other safe. The characters were all very different, but I loved them all dearly, which is why I felt like my heart was being torn apart as they went through some monumental challenges.

Another thing I really liked about this series is that the antagonists become progressively more compelling as the story progresses. While they started out as an evil monstrosity trying to destroy the world, they became more interesting as we discovered little parts of their history along the way.

I absolutely loved this series, and cannot recommend it highly enough. I don’t think I can even come up with a book or series to compare it to because there are so many fresh ideas and concepts I’ve never seen in other books I’ve read. Having finished the series, I would probably rank this as my number 1 all time favourite fantasy trilogy.

I highly recommend this series to everyone, but in particular, people who enjoy:

  • Interesting Characters
  • Female MCs
  • LGBT+ characters
  • Unique stories & worlds
  • Diverse casts
  • Older characters
  • Creative creatures

As far as I’m aware, this trilogy is unfortunately not available in audiobook or ebook in the US. I do believe you can order the paperbacks off Book Depository or other international retailers.

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