Cover Reveal: From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court by Benedict Patrick

The Blurb

If you value your life, stay out of the forest.

As a captive of the Owl Queen’s Court, Nascha’s life has always been one knife’s edge away from disaster. But when she is threatened for nothing more than the colour of her hair, Nascha attempts the unthinkable: escape through the dreaded Magpie King’s forest.

Hunted by sharp toothed and sharper witted foxfolk, and hated by all for being a witch, Nascha fears herself doomed until she joins forces with a mysterious young man. With him she finds a glimmer of hope, even as her own unpredictable powers flicker into existence.

But hope is fleeting.

The forces arrayed against her are insurmountable, and Nascha soon comes to realize that pursuit of her own freedom will come at a greater cost to the forest. As the darkness closes in around them, Nascha is forced to ask:

At what price is she willing to purchase her life?

How dearly is she willing to sell it?

From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court is the fourth standalone book in Benedict Patrick’s Yarnsworld series, returning for the first time to the setting of the #1 bestseller They Mostly Come Out At Night.

The Build-up

For the last 12 days, pieces of this cover have been popping up all over the world, along with mysterious letters that hint at the happenings within the Owl Queen’s Court. These letters have found their way into the hands of authors such as Mark Lawrence, Josiah Bancroft, and Jonathan French to name a few.

We’ve been compiling a list of all these puzzle pieces, and you can find those at this link, but for now… Let’s have a look at that cover.

The Cover


The Pre-Order

A note from the author:

To celebrate the preorder of From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court going live, I’m giving away an exclusive Yarnsworld folktale to anyone who orders a copy before launch on 26th September. The folktale, The Fall of the Magpie King, shows how the denizens of the Owl Queen’s Court remember the events of the first Yarnsworld novel, They Mostly Come Out At Night, decades after it happened. The tale serves as a great recap of key events in the surrounding area for anyone who read Mostly, or as a quick catch up for anyone who is new to the Magpie King’s forest. Be warned, however: time and prejudice may have warped how the storytellers of the forest remember those events… To claim your folktale today, submit an image of your preorder receipt to before 26th September.

You can pre-order your copy of From The Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court from Amazon at the following links:

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