Going Forward: Interviews and Guest Posts

The Inn is about to welcome some new guests!

Our little blog is around 10 months old now, and we aren’t so little any more. Sure, we aren’t quite at mega-corporate status yet… but, y’know, baby steps. We have quite a solid readership now (and we love you guys!), so we wanted to find a way to give that readership some new content.

To this end, we put out a call on Twitter encouraging any authors or industry professionals to come forward for some interviews and guest posts. We did this from Hiu’s account, simply because we didn’t want to clutter up anyone’s feed and we wanted this call to be a bit more “personal”.

The response to this call was pretty mind-blowing. We received tonnes of replies, and a lot of retweets/shares from other bloggers, established authors, publicists, and more. We’d like to just take a moment to thank everyone who replied and everyone who shared. You guys are awesome, and we really, really appreciate it.

As a result of this call, we’re now sitting on around 40 potential interviews and 15 guest posts. This means that the Inn is about to get very, very busy in the coming weeks.

Seriously, this could be over a year’s worth of content – depending on the frequency of the posts.

Well, we’re going to try and half that timeframe. We’ve decided on a bit of a rough structure, and so we’re aiming to post around two interviews and one guest post per week going forward. This is obviously dependant on how quick our turnaround is, as we don’t want to put any undue pressure on our guests.

For our readers, please note that this will be in addition to our usual content. So you can still expect all the usual reviews, musings, AI mash-ups, and Cabbage Chronicles. This may mean that we have to resort to multiple posts on certain days – but that just means more content for you guys!

We’ve a lot of really awesome guests coming up, and we’re so excited for you guys to meet them. From the beginning, one of the main goals of this blog was to bring talented authors to the attention of more people. This is just the logical next step.

And we are so excited for you guys to take it with us.

Oh, and Another Thing…

When we first put out the call, a curious thing happened. Of our first 20 replies, only two of those were women. Now, we love our dudes and are very happy to promote them, but we couldn’t help but wondering… Where were the women at? Where were our non-binary folks?

So, we put out a second call, specifically encouraging women and non-binary people to come forward.

Following this, a funny thing happened. This second tweet blew up even more than the first (and again, thank you to everyone who shared), and a whole bunch of women did come forward. But by the end, when the responses had died down… We had something approximating a 50/50 split between men and women.

On the face of it, that sounds awesome – and it is! But it’s also a little worrying that it took a tweet specifically calling for women and non-binary applicants to hit that mark.

Just some food for thought.


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