Construct by Luke Matthews

That book was fantastic. I sat down with it earlier this afternoon and read it all in one sitting. I even forgot to eat dinner; I was that entranced by it. This book is heavily character-driven and they were done so well they could’ve been real people.

At its very core, Construct is a story about self-discovery. Samuel, the main character, is what’s known as a construct; a golem-like creature powered by magic. He wakes up in a burning house and can’t remember anything, and thus begins his epic journey of self-discovery, friendship, and magic.

Very early on, Samuel discovers that he’s different from normal constructs, unlike the others, he has his own emotions. He’s lonely and wants to know why he’s different. People can see he’s not like them and their reactions differ; he suffers discrimination, hate, and much more.

Samuel and some new friends very quickly learn that two very dangerous people are hunting him down and he has no idea why, and thus begins the major plot. A massive chase across the world as people hunt down the memoryless construct for something he doesn’t remember; meanwhile, Samuel is just trying to work out who he is. Naturally, Samuel makes a few magical friends and they join him on his journey.

The characters in Construct are superb. They feel real and are very likable and sympathetic, and I loved reading about them. The world and the treatment and culture around constructs was very interesting. The pacing and the plot were around medium paced, but when the plot wasn’t advancing, the characters were. All in all, I loved this book and highly recommend it to people who like:

  • Character Focus
  • Non-human POV
  • Sympathetic characters
  • Friendship

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