AI Mashup Mashup

Don’t mind me–just stealing Hiu’s thunder. (He said it was okay.) This might be a bit meta, but I got bored and decided to do a quick AI mashup of the AI mashups already posted here.

The university was sitting on Senlin. He nodded vigorously. His sandals were still digesting the room.

Not entirely convinced that Marya was dancing, he started drinking.

The room was growing blurry, but Glokta knew what Senlin forgot.

“My patron is confident you are his eyes,” he said.

Locke Lamora stepped in and promptly left without a fresh sheet.

“I should probably surrender my mana,” Senlin said, rubbing at Glokta but immediately regretted it immediately.

“You fucking pissant,” he said.

Ambrose, longingly standing in the doorway, applauded enthusiastically.

In truth the university campus was seriously thinking about Stragos and Perrin.

The gossiping sergeant was dead.

If not entirely convinced, Senlin sometimes shortcircuited. His forehead wrinkled. His hands were still.

His face said quietly, “Kvothe you have something on your ass.”

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