One Good Dragon Deserves Another by Rachel Aaron

One Good Dragon Deserves Another pick up a few months after the ending of Nice Dragons Finish Last, and quickly throws the reader back into the world of the Heartstrikers. I really loved the first book in this series, and this book was a fantastic continuation.


This book has a few different settings. The Detroit Free Zone from book 1 is again one of the major locations, but we also get a view into Julius’ home in Heartstriker mountain as well as a few other interesting locations.

Rachel Aaron also introduces more history of the world and the magic, and builds on the foundations laid in the previous book. I was a big fan of the worldbuilding throughout the first book, and loved all the additional piece of this world I discovered while listening.


Much like the first book, Rachel Aaron’s real strengths are in her characters. The cast includes all the main characters from Nice Dragons Finish Last and adds in some new favourites with A-melia, (yes, with an A) and of course, more Bob. The characters are fantastic and their motivations well developed, helping to make them so much more interesting.


The plot in this book was deep, complex, and interesting. It picks up on some unfinished business from book 1, and along with some new conflicts help to create a very interesting story. I loved watching the choices made by the characters, and how they affected each other and the progression of the story.

Other Thoughts

Vikas Adam has done a fantastic job with the narrations of both this book and the previous one, and I highly recommend the audio version of this series. I’ve once again done all I can to find myself more time to listen to these books. I’m definitely intending to just keep listening to these books until I’ve gone through the entire series.


This book is probably best for people who like:

  • Dragons
  • Loveable characters
  • Interesting plots
  • Amusing and light hearted stories
  • Urban fantasy


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