Announcing Sigil Independent

A Guest Post by Sigil Independent’s D. E. Olesen.

Let’s dive straight into it. What’s a Sigil Independent, and why should you care? Well, SI (yes, we came up with the abbreviation long before Système International did, I swear) is a guild of independent writers. That explains the second part of the name; as for the Sigil part, it just sounds cool.

Its purpose is much the same as the guilds of medieval times: proscribing a code of conduct for members, assisting each other for mutual benefit, and assuring customers of quality. In other words, all of us are still independently working writers, self-publishing our books on our own. But we have all promised to adhere to industry standards in publishing. That means professional covers, editing and proofreading, for instance. That’s our guarantee to any reader who picks up a book by a Sigil author; you’re certain to hold a quality book in your hands (or loaded onto your e-reader), as assuredly as if you had bought it from any reputable publishing house.

Who are we? We’re the finest self-published authors in all the land (and me). In alphabetical order, we’re Dyrk Ashton, Ben Galley, Rob Hayes, Alec Hutson, Michael McClung, Benedict Patrick, M. D. Presley, M. L. Spencer, Phil Tucker, and yours truly. If you’re familiar with SPFBO, we’re all either semi-finalists, finalists, runner-ups, or even a winner. Check out our website if you’re curious to see our books. Not only that, we offer a number of freebies, including our sampler book. As the name implies, it contains a sample from a book by each of us. And you’re not expected to rummage through all ten samples like some chum. There’s a short Choose Your Own Adventure at first, which will direct you to the sample with the protagonist most suited to your taste.

If you’d be interested in staying updated on when we have new book releases, discounts, or more free stuff to throw your way, I recommend either joining our newsletter (signup on the main page) or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Daniel E. Olesen is a Danish writer holding a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature. When not searching for inspiration in musty tomes, he travels around Europe looking for castles to explore and calling it research. His first novel, The Eagle’s Flight [], is available for free from his site, which also includes extensive background information on the setting of his stories. Other than writing fiction, he also writes a blog discussing literary theory, usually as it pertains to fantasy, and a blog series discussing the image of the hero in Western society, from mythology and up to modern times.

Follow him on Facebook or Twitter to be updated on his writing or new blog posts on his website,


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