AI Mash-ups: My Immortal Wolf of Oren-yaro (Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way vs. Villoso)

I wanted to have a bit of fun, too. Hiu describes this one as “WTF,” and I agree. Enjoy? (AN: if u try n flam me then ur a prep!!!!)

My father’s death was marked with blood. Banners streamed down beside him.

I didn’t understand anything. I was wearing black lipstick, black leather fishnets, and red highheeled boots.

Draco was standing next to me slitting his wrists.

Loopin shouted angrily, “Where is your husband?!”

We heard somebody else. It was

………………… Khine!

“Oh my fuking satan!” he shouted despariedrly at draco.

Then Voldemort appeared behind him sexily.

I turned around and pretended to wince, my fucking hot breath tickling his broomstick.

I forgot about Draco and Loopin. Their broomsticks were not professionally trained.

Queen Talyien had been watching us longingly.

I gasped, “What the fuck prep!”

She laughed crudely and was wearing white baggy jeanz. Her ugly preppy face remained blank.

Then she pulled out her broomstick, and I started crying tears of blood because I was depressed.

Voldemort put his thingie in my youknowwhat and Tali stared contently.

“Oh yeah!” I said.

Then Tali revealed that she was actually a vampire lol.

(AN: i rote a 2nd chptr bcuz mah b3st fr3nd convicted convinced (lol c wut i did their!!!!) me 2)

My father committed everything he had to spend on embroidery. I felt bad for his clothes, so I slit my own father in the window. He flew away cackling, and I ran sexily down the hall into Hogwarts. 

In making sure my hair was purple, I shouted as soon as it was. Hot blood, velvet and red, spotted the fucking hot milk I was trying.

A vampire started crying, and he looked so fucking happy. I saw him fingering something bigger than a pureblood. He screamed while getting his wand and his face tightened. When I finally stumbled into the room, a woman was dusting the fuck off his coat. I knew that she was his wife. He was finished.

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