Enosh Sucks


The Pairing

Jaeth’s Eye, by K.S. Villoso

The Reasoning

Food and drink are a big part of Jaeth’s Eye – it’s one of those fantasy novels that makes you both curious and a little bit hungry. Two drinks that came up frequently were plum wine and brandy, so I wanted to incorporate those flavors into a cocktail with an Asian feel for an Asia-inspired fantasy world. I think the result is fragrant, sweet and summery! 🙂

The Recipe

You will need:

  • Crushed ice
  • Plum jam/preserves
  • Around 5 mint leaves, plus a small sprig for garnish
  • Ginger beer (I like Bundaberg best)
  • Plum wine
  • Brandy

Muddle the mint leaves (minus the garnish) in the bottom of a glass using a spoon. Fill your glass with crushed ice.

Measure out 1 oz of brandy, 2 oz of plum wine and pour over the ice.

Scoop in a generous teaspoon of plum preserves and stir until all ingredients are mixed.

Top off with ginger beer and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Enjoy! ❤

Oh Em Gee

In response to this cocktail posting, Kay bought the ingredients, tried it out and WROTE A PIECE OF EFFING FLASH FICTION INSPIRED BY IT!! To say I’m thrilled would be a total understatement. Seriously bucket list stuff for me, and one of the nicest gifts I have ever been given.

Also it sounds like she got a bit smashed which is pretty hilarious. 😀

So without further ado, here it is:

Enosh Sucks — Fantasy Cocktail and Parody Flash Fiction

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